The Labor Pool

Understanding the Labor Pool

There are four categories candidates can be divided into:

1.  Individuals who will never leave a company:  These people may be related to the owner, personally invested in the company, or remaining unemployed by choice.

  • Individuals in category 1 typically cannot be recruited and represent a small percentage of the labor pool.

2.  Individuals who are actively looking for a new position:  Employed or unemployed, these people know they want or need a new job and are actively seeking it.

  • Individuals in category 2 are who respond to traditional methods of advertising used by companies to recruit.  They represent a minority of the labor pool.

3.  Individuals who are know they are ready for a new position but are not actively looking for it:  Employed, these people are ready for a new opportunity to be presented to them but are not seeking it out themselves.

4.  Individuals who do not yet know they are ready for a new position and are not actively looking for one:  Happily employed, these people have not yet considered they may be ready for a new opportunity so need something presented to them to be noticed and for consideration.

  • Individuals in categories 3&4 cannot be reached by traditional methods of passive advertising and must be proactively contacted with an opportunity to gain their attention.  They represent the majority of the labor pool.

CHS provides value to clients by reaching out to the candidates in categories 3&4 to find individuals who otherwise would go unnoticed and, thus, not considered for an opportunity.

CHS does not advertise, so avoids duplicating a clients own efforts of recruiting candidates from category 2.

Labor Pool