Candidates FAQ

The best way to pass on information about what individual candidates can expect from CHS is through a bit of FAQ, as collected over the years.

Is there a fee to candidates for using CHS?  No, there is not a fee to candidates in any way.  Clients hire CHS with a signed agreement to find qualified candidates for their openings.  CHS fees are paid by the clients.

Can candidates trust they will be kept confidential?  Yes.  I will acknowledge this is probably the hardest step for individuals to get past, as it takes trust in me, someone you likely don’t yet know.  I will assure you I aim to earn your trust and will do so though my actions and words.  I take the confidentiality of all candidates, whether they are currently employed or not, extremely serious.  My reputation is built on my ability to earn people’s trust.

What kind of positions does CHS recruit?  My work is in the hospitality industry and a few other complimentary industries.  Positions are in all disciplines and are management or executive titles.

Will CHS find me a job?  Not directly, in the sense that I will take your resume and seek out positions which will interest you.  There are such placement companies which will do this.  My business model actually works the other way, where clients hire me to find qualified candidates for specific positions.  However, new opportunities come my way all the time, so it always possible for a match to be found.

Should I send my resume to CHS?  Absolutely, it is always good for me to understand your full background.  It is also wise for me to understand your future career goals, so I can be in touch as new recruiting searches surface.

Will my resume be sent anywhere without my knowledge?  Never.  I won’t ever send a resume to anyone else without the individual being fully aware of it.  Nor will I send a resume to clients or businesses hoping to find you a position.

Can I use CHS as a resource?  Absolutely, I am always willing to talk with people, answer questions, listen, offer guidance and share what I know about the industry.  Feel free to use me as a resource in any way you need.