Clients FAQ

Carpenter Hospitality Services provides professional recruitment services of managers and executives in the hospitality industry, serving hotels, resorts, restaurants and management companies.

Recruiting methods:  CHS is 100% proactive, seeking candidates by such means which match a client’s specific qualifications and needs.  Our primary method consists of calling prospective candidates directly on the phone, who are currently working in the industry and market.  Additionally we use our extensive network to seek out referrals from trusted industry executives.

Non-Recruiting Methods:  CHS does not advertise positions.  Our feeling is clients can do this themselves, so do not need to hire another company to do so.  You will not see our ad next to your own ad on a website, for the same position.  Nor does CHS have a stack of resumes to pull from or a database of candidates ready to place.  While our historical reach into the industry is very deep, every search is unique and every candidate pool is created new.

Submission of Resumes:  CHS will spend significant time interviewing, qualifying and screening all candidates.  Those who do not meet the needs or expectations of a client’s specific position will be turned away.  Resumes will be submitted to a client only after CHS feels fully confident the candidate is worth being considered by the client.  As a client, you can rest assured CHS will always go for quality over quantity when it comes to resumes.

Checking References:  CHS offers the service of checking references for finalist candidates, as requested by clients.  A summary of each reference is provided to a client.  Some clients prefer to check references themselves, for which CHS will assist in providing the reference list.

Contingency vs. Retained:  CHS is able to offer both contingent and retained searches, although most are handled on a contingent basis.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both, depending on the type of search being conducted.  Details can be discussed best when we speak to a client.

How are recruiting fees calculated?  CHS charges a recruitment fee as a percentage of a hired candidates starting annual salary, with payment due 15 days after the candidates first day of employment.

Guarantee period:  Should a hired candidate leave a position for any reason, by either their choice or a client’s choice, within a 90 day period from the first day of employment, CHS will replace the candidate at no additional charge.  A recruitment contract offers specific details for this provision.